“Access to Trespass” is a mixed media project that explores the cultural and social implications of car-centric culture, consumerism and the impact it has on the individual. This project (as featured in the piece above “Drive it all over Me”), examines the cultural signifigance of automobiles and their role in shaping modern society’s mobility patterns, economic development, city planning, and social interactions.

The continuance of this body of work will focuses on the car-centric culture, forgotten or mundane objects, and exploring the cultural and social implications of consumerism and its impact on society. The project also focuses on public transportation, public vs. private property, & exploring the benefits and negatives of public transit and vandalism; Also, their roles in creating sustainable communities, and the potential for it reshape our cities.

upkeep (2022)

plaster, image transfer,
asphalt, twine, and spraypaint on wood drawer

Issues with
parallel parking (2023) 

monoprint, cyanotype
acrylic, and ductape on

Past Union (2023)

image transfer, glass panel,
elevator grate, spraypaint
** about 16”x20” **

Parking Strip 001 (2023)         

metal cage, tiles,
zip ties, post-it note,
string, nail,
and thermal prin