Casey VanDyke (1999)

Casey VanDyke (b. 1999) is an artist whose work explores the chaotic and noisy nature of contemporary culture. Drawing inspiration from Post-vandalism, Neo-Dadaism, Expressionism, and Alternative Photographic movements, VanDyke creates mixed media, sculpture, and personal documentary work.

His art is a reaction to the overwhelming visual stimuli of modern life, which he distorts and filters through his own unique perspective. He achieves this effect by using forgotten or overlooked objects, such as discarded materials or old photographs, as a means of subverting their original purpose and imbuing them with new meaning. Through this process, VanDyke creates a visual cacophony that captures the essence of the world around him.

In addition to his use of forgotten objects, VanDyke's work also contains subversive messaging that challenges the viewer's perceptions of reality. By drawing on the traditions of Post-vandalism and Neo-Dadaism, he creates art that pushes the boundaries of what is considered acceptable or appropriate. Through his art, VanDyke seeks to provoke thought and spark conversation about the issues that he sees as most pressing in contemporary society. Whether it's through his mixed media collages or his sculpture work, he invites the viewer to engage with his art on a deeper level and to question the status quo.

VanDyke’s artwork Has been exhibited in galleries including:
MOMO’s Show Palace, FL; Sl8 Gallery, Gainesville, FL; Atlantic Center for the Arts, New Smyrna Beach, FL; The Museum of Contemporary Art, Jacksonville FL; The Lufrano Intercultural Gallery; and the University of North Florida Gallery of Art Jacksonville, FL.

His artwork has also been published in Folio Weekly Magazine, as well as featured in a group show held by CONS X Zumiez: Connect Stand Out in Broadway, New York.

VanDyke also works collaboratively with other visual artists to create installations and curate events such as Winterland (2022) and Xygoat Exhibition (2021)

VanDyke earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of North Florida in 2021.